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Calling All 11+ Parents!
What if there WAS a way to still improve your child's chances in this year's 11+ English exam?
There's  STILL time to make a huge difference to their confidence, written precision and  flair...

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the 'help your child write 11+ English stories like ...


11+ English 
creative writing 

A 4-day bootcamp which transforms wary 10-11 year olds with writer's block into  confident and original writers of timed 11+ English creative stories

Is your child sitting the 11+ exam this Autumn and still struggling with their creative writing?

Are you anxious that, with all the disruption they’ve experienced in their past schooling this year, your child may still struggle to write their finest timed story in their English exam? 

 It has been a tough 15  months for junior schools. It was tough before the pandemic with the usual stresses in schools. We all know how demanding and difficult timed 11+ creative writing compositions are. What if I told you that there still IS time to turn things around and help your child write their best exam story ever? 

The weeks are counting down but students CAN still improve their exam chances.  

Ever wondered why it is that your child does struggle with writing a knockout story with creative punch and flair? I’ve worked at the prestigious Hampton Boys’ school for over 14 years. Now a successful one-to-one tutor, I noticed the need for upping the skills in this section of 11+ exams was increasing every year. That’s why I decided to start building intensive online courses with live tuition but which children could also access online and replay.  As I coached more and more diligent, enthusiastic and always unique  students, I  came to understand that there were numerous issues affecting their creative writing and, as a result, their overall exam success.

I'm sure you'll all agree that no child is the same as another!  Often you even see major learning styles and strength differences between twin siblings.  So it stands to reason that there are a myriad of different fears and blocks which hold them back when it comes to writing well.

Which writer's block is holding them back from achieving better results in English creative composition?

Which is their creative writer's block?

BlOCK N° 1

Not enough school reinforcement of targets means that your child just is not progressing fast enough.  They are not getting their writing targets - if any have been set for them at all -   reinforced through school one to ones and pinpointed homework. Your child is still not 100% sure exactly what writing weaknesses they MUST address both creatively and grammatically. I see this problem very frequently as a tutor. Kids need clear targets to action so they can be fully exam-ready.


Perhaps they benefit from dual nationality, speaking and writing in a different language at home to the Standard English within school. It's harder for Mum and Dad to help. That has to be hard, right? Bilingual students have so many strengths. Determination and a superb work ethic count for a lot. But…that English exam must still be taken. The child must pass it. The worries and niggles remain. How do we get your kids to that next level of achievement?

Block N° 3

We all experienced it when we were younger: that great, empty  piece of paper before we started to write. If we were lucky, we just dived in and started (after planning first of course!)  Sadly, some students  go ‘blank’ with what I called ‘imagination paralysis’ when asked to ‘just write a story’ because they have never been taught planning and writing step by step. They over-think the task, panic and freeze. There are proven tricks to help them deal with this fear.

I often think that the English 11+ exam section is more nerve-wracking for the parents than it is for their children.

I admire your commitment to your children and the struggles you face. I get it! 

Lots of kids hate writing! They are not all avid readers.  Consequently, some may have a limited range of oral and written expression. 

 Or they’re pretty good readers and/or articulate speakers but have other blocks holding back the creative writing process.

Then there’s the uniquely difficult skill of top band exam creative writing itself. You can’t ‘cram’ for creative writing exam tasks in the way you can with other subjects. 

Creativity and timed exams are not good bedfellows. Creativity reveals insight. It has to be nurtured, developed and adjusted over time. Countless timed exercises are needed to see real improvement.

Additionally, creative writing exam responses are also assessed for technical accuracy and overall  literacy. All that punctuation and grammar to master! Does your child know the difference between a dash and a hyphen? Or how to use a semicolon correctly?  Or the four main sentence structures?

What about acquiring an impressive, apt and invigorating  repertoire of vocabulary to allow the child to express their ideas in a distinctive style? How can all these elements build your child’s range of expression, their creative writing techniques and  distinctive authorial narrative voice? Yikes, there’s so much being tested in the creative writing exam!

 How on earth can that be improved in the next 6 weeks?
I’m worried for this particular academic cohort as well…and I’m an experienced English coach. Time is running out and action needs taking if we’re to ensure the children can really do themselves justice in the written English section of the 11+ (and 10+) exams which are now only a few weeks away.

It feels like there are SO MANY challenges for our 11+ students which might possibly cause them to take one of two equally heartbreaking courses of action:


They might feel disheartened and give up at exactly the time they need to be raising their writing game



Not give up but go into the exam without full awareness of what personal targets they should have addressed beforehand, reducing their chances of the success they deserve.

And as the days tick down, there are so many other areas of not just 11+ but life in general to get covered and sorted out before September starts.  Sound familiar?

Help is at hand with Cassie from Hampton English Coaching!

If you're new to me.. I'm Cassie O'Hanlon.  I worked full-time at the prestigious Hampton Boys' School in West London for 14 years.  I then set up my own self-employed private tuition business. As a highly experienced English specialist tutor, I started to see that I was uniquely placed to deliver a solution to these complex blocks affecting students’ creative writing exams.

Over the past pandemic year, I too have had to adapt my own tutoring skillset.  I accelerated the way I delivered creative writing and I have made the most of  the  digital resources I made this year to help them get to grips with numerous challenges.  The remarkable thing was:  they all improved.  Despite the challenges of Zoom, Google Docs, learning new I.T skills, saving their work and so on. My students have all excelled and I'm pleased to say they are all doing very well.  One secured the English Prize for year 6 at his prep school,  gained a choice of offers and had his work published.  Another 4 gained creative writing prizes and saw huge improvements in overall literacy and expression.  All my long-term 10+  and 11+ Hampton School applicants  secured firm offers and other students will be starting their year 7 terms at LEH, Wycombe Abbey and St Paul's this Autumn.  

This is what inspired me to create my ‘Help Your Kids Write 11+ English like an A* Ninja!’ creative writing boot camp. It’s packed with useful guidance, examples, tips and tasks to help your child get a timely boost. I have now compressed these new online teaching skills we all went through at high velocity and pace last year, refine them and make them into a timely boot camp, to share these skills with your children before they sit this Autumn. I am painfully aware that I can no longer tutor as many children face to face as I would like, due to high demand. However, this course will definitely help your child gain a greater understanding of the exam skills and more written confidence.

The 'Ninja Bootcamp' is designed to give students an intensive walk-through a typical 11+ image prompt creative task following the patterns used by HMC, GSA and grammar schools. I show students how to break down the question, focus on the image, overcome writer’s block, produce a timed plan, revise narrative structure and style…and most important of all: get writing! 

Here’s the truth: 

If you’re  keen for your child to progress AND attain their first choice school offers this Autumn, you need to address the gaps in their written skills before it's too late. 

I have the experience to help your child excel; I worked at the prestigious Hampton Boys’ School in south-west London for 14 years and I marked their own 11+ compositions and comprehensions throughout this entire  period. I also conducted entrance and scholarship interviews over this 14- year period as well and can point you to a long track record of successfully helping 10+, 11+, 12+ ands 13+ boys 'get into' Hampton, St Paul's Wellington and many other top schools.  While I can’t give away any specific school ‘secrets’, I have a complete and detailed understanding of what makes a top script for both Hampton and all the other leading UK schools, including The Headmaster’s Conference schools, Girl’s School Association schools, the excellent Tiffin, Bucks and Slough grammars and more, so the Bootcamp is worth attending for just this webinar alone. Information is power!
Rest assured that your son or daughter will be in very capable hands.  I have years of experience and knowledge to draw from.

Just as importantly, I genuinely enjoy teaching the  9-11 years age group.  They have had a particularly tough time in schools over the past year and a half.  This bootcamp is my attempt to even up the odds for all of them so that they all have a decent shot in the entrance exams.

write 11+ English stories like...
 An a* ninja!

11+ English kids' october creative writing  BOOTCAMP

A 4-day Boot camp with replays, designed  to transform 10-11 year old students into confident writers of timed 11+ English stories AND support both parents and students on their 11+ English journey. 

Here’s What You’re Getting Inside The Bootcamp:

3 Daytime 90 Minute Lessons  of Live Training to Take Your Kids From Uninspired to  Confident Writers Who Give The  'Plain Blank Page' THEIR OWN Ninja Kick of Creative Power!(£500 Value)
Each day, I'll be going live for 90mintensive minutes, guiding the students through the many demands of creative writing tasks. I've taken the highs and lows of my own tuition experience, 11+ tuition experience AND Hampton teaching, examining and interviewing experiences.  I have distilled them into the essential steps you can take RIGHT NOW to fire up your child's creativity so their writing makes an even stronger  impact in the exam. We can help them write their best exam and have the best chance at 11+.

Wednesday 26th October 2021 at 7-730pm: 
Training 1: pre-party ... just for parents!

Meet your child’s tutor and let me explain my teaching approach, learn more about my own teaching background  story.  I will also include membership of our own special ‘Write 11+ English Stories like an A* Ninja!’ which parents can set up and use to share ideas, questions and support. Your child will also be able to upload short examples of their work and see other useful resources, so this really will be a unique space which will inspire all parts of the team to stay motivated as the exams draw closer. The Pre-Party is very important as I will also go through what requirements are needed for your child: access to Zoom, advice on how to set up a  Google Docs account to ensure they get the maximum benefit from the bootcamp and a pen and pad. Zoom ‘behaviour expectations’ will also be outlined.

Thursday 27th AT 10-1130am:
Training 2: clear all obstacles, face all foes:

Be a real ninja warrior, grab your pens, clear the obstacles and face your writing foes. This session will guide students through the general expectations of the exam, the importance of planning, common errors and how to adopt a positive growth mindset to maintain focus. We’ll work through an image prompt, break down planning, do timed work using support guides. Finally, I set up the homework task. Intensive 90 minute session (usually £75)

Friday 28th AT 10-1130 am:
Training DAY 3: Keep Climbing that Mountain, ninjas!

 Intensive writing and editing 90 minute workshop day.  We will have some of the session set up in 10-minute bursts of writing supported by intensive feedback on both the style and grammar of the results. We will share  good examples (anonymously!) to motivate and inspire. 
There will also be time to  explain new vocabulary, punctuation improvements or alternatives and discuss the effects created by different sentence types.  We will recap definitions of new words and creative terminology and go through final points. 

Saturday 29th AT 10-1230:
Training  4:  apply that magic ninja knowledge! 
two-part training day:
1) Final 'goodbye tips' for students and:
2) a full webinar for parents: 'insider 11+ English tips'

Now it’s time for action, friends! In our final training session I will be creating step-by-step roadmaps with the students to consolidate what they've learned  based on their individual learning goals.

Whether it’s proof-checking their work or remembering to do a proper plan they stick to, your child will leave this session far more aware of their strengths and targets, with a game plan to make it happen.  

However: there is even more! Included is another really good bonus. I will also be offering a special presentation for PARENTS included in this  course price, to parents.  This goes into far more depth on 11+ English composition writing and 11+ English overall, with a short Q&A session.  I aim to help!  I will be giving you invaluable insights into the entire 11+ English system from ‘the inside’ perspective of an experienced Hampton teacher, marker and interviewer.  Don't miss this as you will pick up so many valuable tips and reassurances to help steer your child through their 11+ journey.  It's about all of us helping the child.  This presentation is a must.
For real. Here’s a snapshot of our Stripe account from our most recent launch: 
And if you’re like, “Okay cool, but I’m not you. It won’t work for me because I’m just starting out / don’t have a niche yet / don’t have an email list / etc.”...

… check out what this process has done for our students who are just like you:
That's Jordan, a recent bootcamp participant of ours who teaches fly fishing and reached out after using the secret ingredients taught inside our bootcamp...

Within 5 minutes of making his offer, he had sold over $4,000 of online course sales!

Or what about Joy Foster who helps women build online technical skills so they can return to work or change careers...
After making a few key changes to her $2,000 program, she went on to have her biggest promotion bringing in over 100 new customers!

She also used our killer promotion strategy, but more on that later...

Or how about Magnus Zetterlund who teaches people how to play the mandolin..
He's a recent member of our annual coaching program and that's him posting in our private Slack community.

We walked him through using the same ingredients you will learn in this bootcamp and he went on to make $22,902 in his first promotion!

Basically, we know a thing or two about helping people like you tap into the thriving online, multi-billion dollar online education industry and get paid for what you already know. 

Sound like something you’re into? Keep on readin’, friend. 

Get the step-by-step training to g help your child write 11+ English stories like an A* Ninja - for just £125!

When you sign up for this sensational high-kicking, punch-packing Bootcamp, you'll get all this:
  • ​Training 1: Parents' Pre-Party Zoom meeting (£50 Value)
  • ​​Training 2: Clear all obstacles troubleshooting and writing guides for planning, sequencing and great exam technique (£70 Value)
  •  ​Training 3: 'Keep climbing the story mountain' intensive writing session (£70 Value)
  • ​ ​Training 4: Final tips and targets for the students (£70 Value)
  • PLUS a priceless exclusive webinar for parents on 'Insider 11+  English Tips' (£100 Value)
  • ​​Done-for-You Vocabulary cheat sheets and story templates (£50 Value)
  •  ​A Fill-in-the-Blank writing target setter (£10 Value)
  • ​​Parental access to  our super-helpful and clear members-only website
  • ​​BONUS:   2 weeks (from 30/10/21) of access to the  replayed training recordings and resources (£350 Value)
  • ​​BONUS: sample student  responses to show students the ingredients of a top band story (£50 Value)
  • ​​BONUS: Samples of top creative writing techniques to give your writing punch and power (£50 Value)

Snag over £ 500 in value...
...for just £125!  
You don't need to be an A*  scholar to see the wisdom in taking up THIS offer!

If you're still not sure that you can believe in this great course and how it can help your child… here’s my guarantee: 

We 100% guarantee that you will love this bootcamp. 

If after the end of Day 1 you feel like you haven't gained at least 10X the value of your investment (high-quality content, ideas and instructions) we will happily refund your investment in full. All you have to do is email us by 8:59am GMT on Day 2 for a full refund. 

Sound fair?

My system works. But don’t take it from me. Here’s what some of the parents of my previous students say:

Lockdown NEVER meant slowdown throughout 2020-2021 here at HAMPTON ENGLISH COACHING:

Over the past year, my students have been working hard.  They've improved their planning, editing and redrafting.  They have become far more confident.  Eight won creative writing competitions on subjects as diverse as magical woodlands and haunted houses of horror, Sherlock Holmes retold to a re-telling of the 'Little Red Riding Hood' fable. Have a look at my Instagram page: hamptonenglishcoaching.  
Below is a very talented young writer.  Along with another fantastic student I coach, he was a top shortlisted winners in a 'Young Writers' competition and received an awesome goody box!  Well done!
"Our daughter has become an accomplished public speaker!"
Cassie has really helped our daughter master the art of debating and public speaking.  This is a demanding skill and our daughter was coping well but needed a bit of advice with delivery, redrafting the ideas and practising.  By the end of her sessions,  she was brimming with confidence.  Laura went on to win a cup for her school's public speaking competition and has a very strong, confident voice.  It is such a life skill and it is great to see her doing so well."

Rene, Richmond, London

"I thoroughly recommend Cassie  for exam preparation and supporting a child to obtain the best result"

"I found Cassie thorough Google and her teaching is excellent! Cassie has tutored my Year 6 son and prepared him for the 11+ private school and Grammar under a year. I am so pleased that he received 2 interviews from Latymer and Hampton Boys School and he also passed Berkshire and Tiffin Boys.  He also gained the English academic prize at the end of year 6, which was fantastic.
Cassie is a brilliant experienced and inspirational tutor. She is very patient and gave very clear concise information to my son, for him to develop his  writing skills. She prepared my son extremely well for his exams. She understood my son's strengths and weakness and 'bespoked' her tutoring accordingly .
My son really enjoyed his lessons and is more confident as a person. Cassie not only is excellent at teaching English - she has also  prepared my son for his interviews this month. This enhanced coaching has enabled my son's confidence to excel.
A big THANK YOU to Cassie -  for all your help and kindness. 
I thoroughly recommend Cassie - for exam preparation and supporting a child to obtain the best result. Cassie also supports parents with her follow-up development feedback. If you're looking for a professional teacher with high standards and who cares about your child progress, CASSIE is your lady."

Ranju, South West London

" I passed both stages of my Tiffin Boys' exam. I was so pleased to have scored highly in the English!"

Cassie is enthusiastic, making reading fun and her lessons easy to follow. I gained so many new exam tips and got over my time management problem. I ended up with several offers to choose from...and I passed both stages of my Tiffin Boys' exam. I was so pleased to have scored highly in the English!

Harry, Student, Kingston-Upon-Thames

" He is more articulate in his writing and happier in himself. "

"Before coming for weekly lessons with Cassie, my dyslexic son Jacob hated all types of reading and was a bit quiet. We knew he was bright, but his written work showed several weaknesses. In a state academy with large class sizes, he hardly got any one to one. 

After regular tutoring, he grew far more confident. His handwriting became clearer, essays were longer and better structured ... what a difference! A high point was Jacob seeing his school English grades rise considerably last term. He is more articulate in his writing and happier in himself. These days, Jacob will read without being nagged! He and his tutor obviously 'clicked'. Thanks for all your help."

Lucy, Parent, Hampton

"She came through for us."

This wonderful tutor managed to coach my son Freddy through the KGS and Hampton 10+ with only four months of preparation. Originally, we had never considered the 10+ route, but we bowed to her expertise and thank God we did -Fred got an offer!

 Equally impressive was the tuition she gave to our older son, George, who had previously failed his 11+ and had clear areas of weakness. He entered for the 12+, which has fairly few places, and managed to secure an offer. She is a patient and supportive teacher who works with both gifted and less able students. She came through for us.

Olivia, Parent, Esher 

"We are so proud of what both Arthur and Cassie achieved."

We arrived in London from China in order to take up new jobs and be nearer to family.

 Our son Arthur was falling behind in his English. After only a few months, he was far more confident, had an excellent English accent, and was writing secure compositions. 

We are so proud of what both Arthur and Cassie achieved. Arthur secured his place at a top London preparatory school and will start Hampton in a few year's time.

Yan, Parent, Kingston-Upon-Thames

"Now I include loads more detail in my stories."

Comprehensions seemed boring and so hard. I was facing the London entrance exams and wasn't sure how to improve. I now find them quite easy as we worked through them together - I sort of got over my fears! I also hated writing stories because I would find it tricky knowing how to start. We did the 'O.C.T.O.P.U.S' memory sentence game and some good story grid games. Now I include loads more details in my stories.

Andrew, 11+ candidate
Copyright © 2021 'Write 11+ English like an A* Ninja!'  All Rights Reserved.

Have a burning question?

 Here’s what’s come up for other bootcampers:

I haven't started intensive 11+ preparation yet but my I like the look of this course.  We're going for 10+ t. Is this for me?
Totally! This bootcamp is designed for those looking to improve their 11+ timed creative writing but it  is also suitable for able 10+ students applying next year OR even who are sitting this November. Every child develops at a different rate and I've achieved great successes with the younger students, many of whom gained scholarship places. 
Where is this bootcamp happening?
I deliver live Zoom  calls to small groups with replays on my website.  The trainings each day will be uploaded to my website so you can tune in live or watch the replays. So if your child cannot make the 10 am lesson starts, don't worry as they'll be in our group.
Will this help my child overall?
Yes it will.  One interesting side effect of intensive English tuition is that the children do gain in overall confidence, oracy and awareness.  They often become far stronger interview candidates with more 'to talk about' as rthe increased writing confidence seems to have a wider benefit on their overall well-being.
What if I can’t make it live?
Don’t worry about it! Your ticket comes with access to the call recordings for the lifetime of the Bootcamp and for a further two weeks after that, so you can watch whenever is best for you. I will answer student questions through both Zoom and Zoom chat.
Why is it so cheap to join?
You're right...maybe I should increase the price? Just kidding! But in all seriousness, as explained earlier, I believe the information in this bootcamp should be made available to every 11+ student (no matter their situation), which is why the ticket price is so affordable. With that being said, I can't confirm if the price will stay this low in the future or even if the course will continue after I recommend you take advantage of it while you can!

If you’ve made it here… then it’s time to decide, friend.

Here’s the brutal truth about the tough 11+ or 11+ style entrance exam system: nothing changes if nothing changes.
If you're sick and tired of trying to support them with their English , yet see your child is still not getting the higher results...

If you've ever thought "I thought he'd be further ahead by now"...
If you're concerned that your child has a writer's block which school hasn't properly identified and are worried that time is running out....

If you fear that your bright, lovely child with so much to offer secondary school is...gulp...getting fed up with English(!)...

Then I have to be straight with you: They're falling behind if they're not in this bootcamp.

Because "winging it" and hoping it all works out is a sure-fire way to stay stuck and struggling. And these kids have so much potential. They deserve better than that.

So...are you IN?

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